Home Insulation Services in Whitehouse Station, NJ

Residential Insulation

We have the expertise to make your home an even better place to live. It is important to know that insulation has a major impact on the comfort of your home and health. Our thermal solutions have many benefits including:
  • Reduce Energy Costs by 30-50%
  • Healthier
  • Quieter
  • More comfortable environment
  • Reduce Greenhouse emissions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce ozone-depleting substances
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide or HFC levels by thousands of tons each year

Insulation Services

  • Batting
  • Blown In Insulation
  • Duct Wrapping
  • Fireproofing
  • Soundproofing
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Spray On Mineral Wool
  • Ventilation
Take advantage of our services to give yourself a properly insulated space, be it your home or office.
Insulation is easy to ignore until it starts affecting your home in many ways you might not even notice. Behind your walls, it’s out of sight, out of mind, but you must be vigilant in keeping up with home repairs. Make sure you give us a call today and we can discuss ways in which maintenance or upgrades to your insulation might even save you money.

Commercial Insulation

To ensure good occupant health for your building, we will provide the quality insulation services you need for your commercial property. We have developed the finest insulation systems in the industry that will be beneficial to your business in many ways, including:

  • Minimized air pollution
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Safety and protection of personnel
  • Protects equipment & building materials from moisture
  • Return on investment - a proper insulation job can pay for itself in as little as 6 months to a year.

Agricultural / Metal Buildings

Spray Foam is the best method to insulate an agricultural structure. Spray foam is the best choice for this kind of structure because it will not shrink, sag, settle, fall off, maintains an even temperature, and eliminates condensation problems.

Churches & Schools

Masonry spray foam is typically used in commercial and institutional building new construction such as retail box stores, schools, and churches. North Pole Insulation has worked with many institutional structures over the past 40 years and has the experience to recommend the best application for your needs.

Take advantage of our services to give yourself a properly insulated space, be it your home or office.

Insulation Products

BATT INSULATION - This is one of the most common products used to insulate walls, ceilings and attics as well as basements and crawl spaces. It is generally manufactured from fiberglass, Batt insulation can also be made from cotton or stone wool. Available in rolls and pre-cut panels, batt insulation is very flexible, which means that it can be installed between studs, rafters and joists blocks without leaving any gaps. The snug fit will help stop airflow and the transfer of heat. When installed correctly, it is very energy efficient. Studies have shown batt insulation can reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home by as much as 50 percent. Along with lower energy bills, your home will be more comfortable year round.
SPRAY FOAM INSULATION - Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is the most advanced, energy-efficient insulation and air sealant available today.
  • CLOSED-CELL SPF provides added structural strength and is a hard, vapor-resistant foam that won’t need to be replaced if your home is flooded.
  • OPEN-CELL SPF offers the same insulation benefits but does not act as a vapor retarder or water barrier.
BLOWN IN INSULATION - (Mineral Wool or Natural Fiber) - With a high percentage of recycled content, blown-in is eco-friendly and very energy efficient. It provides a dense, effective barrier against heat loss in attics, walls and hard-to-reach spaces.
SOUNDPROOFING - aside from the heating & cooling benefits, Insulation also provides sound absorbing & acoustical benefits. North Pole Insulation can recommend the right insulation or panel for your application.
FIREPROOFING - Life safety plays an important role in the design of buildings in today's modern construction. Sprayed on fireproofing systems provide a cost-effective manner to meet the hourly ratings required by local building codes and insurance companies. Fireproofing systems provide up to a four-hour rating on structural members helping to prevent steel from collapsing during a fire.
DUCT SEALING - Duct sealing and insulation, especially for air ducts running through unconditioned spaces like the attic, can reduce your utility bills significantly. Beyond saving energy and money, sealing your air ducts can prevent dust, pollen and other potential allergens from entering the system through leaking return ducts, degrading your indoor air quality and potentially causing breathing difficulties for those with asthma or allergies.
Take advantage of our services to give yourself a properly insulated space, be it your home or office.